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During the dark winter nights you might notice something a bit different about our church building. From 6:30pm tonight (5 June) the side of our church building facing Chapman Street and the carpark will be boasting some bright green lighting. These lights will highlight the distinctive shape of our church building as they illuminate the outline of the gable peaks and roofline. 

And so tonight as the 'Lighting Up Methven' festival takes place with the official lighting of the street lighting, we too are helping give a little light and atmosphere to our great town. We are grateful for the donation of these lights (originally from Dubliner) from the Methven Action Committee, with assistance from builder Brent Anderson in helping get the lights up high using his scissor lift (and doing a couple of roof repairs and bird proofing at the same time), and Mike Pulley for taking care of the electrical side of things. 

But lighting up our building isn't just about adding to the atmosphere of Methven or making our building stand out at night. These lights can remind each of us who seek to follow Jesus that he said, 'You are the light of the world... let your light shine before other people, that they may see your good deeds and praise your father in heaven.' As followers of Jesus, who desire to be more like our Lord and master, our lives will take on a distinctive shape, our lives will stand out as being different to those around us, and the light of our lives will shine. 

Our prayer is that others may see the light of our lives, the light of Jesus that gives light to all people, that they, like us, may turn to trust and follow Jesus, and so give praise and glory to God. 


Let your light shine, 

Mike K 


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